Digital Platform
Alerts for security guards
Cloud : Collect the information that the security guard reports and can be checked
Line : Able to turn on/off the system via Line and view notifications. Security guard check alert that there is a cause from which house

LifeSmart AI Builder is an intelligent editor supporting any condition combinations + any device execution actions. You can use the editor in graphic and list mode. For example, multiple intelligent agents usually need to be created for an intelligent scenario where "the light and air conditioner need to be turned on when people show up during work hours, the light needs to be adjusted for the lunch break, and the light and air conditioner need to be automatically turned off after working hours or during holidays". However, with LifeSmart AI Builder, you only need to create one intelligent agent to realize such a complicated multi-condition logic

LifeSmart puts the cybersecurity and privacy protection as the top priority since day one. We build our system and connection with bank level encryption and security, from the smart device, edge gateway, cloud service to the applications, all the links in between are encrypted and protected.

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